At Wynne Walker Group we believe
it's about the experience, not the technology.


Technology Design Services

We focus solely on the design, planning, budgeting, and execution of your smart home, leaving the sale and installation of equipment to the professionals we help you choose.

Our fixed fee pricing keeps our recommendations objective and aligns our incentives with yours, ensuring systems are properly installed, easy to use, and simple in nature.


Our transparent design-centric approach ensures a “right-sized” system to meet your needs, minimize the expense of hardware, and reduce unnecessary costs.

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The best experience and the most value, for the least expense


You hire an architect to design a beautiful house and a structural engineer to ensure structural integrity. Why wouldn't you hire a technology expert to oversee one of the most sophisticated systems in your home?

We begin with a clear plan and objective recommendations to mitigate costly mistakes. We remain objective because we don’t sell or install the hardware; we’re technology agnostic.

We’re technology agnostic.

We provide competitive bidding and “apples to apples” price comparisons, taking into consideration factors that can result in unexpected costs and outcomes. We make your decisions simpler at every step.



Consulting at the
ideal time ensures:

  • Money Saved

  • Beautiful Aesthetics

  • Efficient Construction

  • Seamless Experience

  • Stress Free Process

  • Well-designed Systems

  • Built to Last

Waiting too long exposes
the followings risks:

  • Money Wasted

  • Inaccurate Budget

  • Project Delays

  • Missed Opportunities

  • Rushed Experience

  • Failed Design

  • Haphazard Implementation


We support the architect, builder, interior designer, and technology installer throughout construction, providing a single point of contact and maintaining consistency throughout the process.

We are a second set of eyes on your project, ensuring your needs are met and money is spent on the right things at the right time. In short, we manage your project from start to finish.

We are a single point of contact

The Art and Science of Designing and Building Technology Systems

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Quality and Value Begin with Expertise.

A lack of industry standards means there are significant differences between home technology installers. We have the expertise to save you time, money, and frustration down the road. We work with you to define your expectations at the beginning of the project, applying our expertise to each decision and how it impacts you and your family.  

We make an unpredictable cost and outcome predictable


Design. Build. Enjoy.

We design your technology, find the right installers, and manage their work to create an optimal technology experience.

As a member of the design team, Wynne’s unbiased advice is invaluable to ensuring the client’s needs are met and the design is completed before construction begins.
— David Gunn
“Wynne is a tireless advocate for his clients and is dead set on doing right by them. His attention to detail, work ethic, and ability to understand his client’s unspoken requests are characteristics anyone would want on their side.”
— Joey Kolchinsky
I’ve looked around and talked to a lot of companies in town; no one provides better service.
— AJ Brass
Between work and family, I don’t have one single free hour during the day to worry about technology, your team made it simple.
— Amy Schefler
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